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Frequently asked Questions, and Answers

Can the Gastro-Bon product be taken while on a diet?

The body's internal organs are so complex that in some cases if pushed out of balance, that condition will increase the probability of weight gain and lower the immune system's ability to fight off illnesses. The presence of Gastro-Bon in the stomach will help restore balance. This includes people taking other medications, or eliminating certain food groups or beverages from their diet.

10 year old child is taking antibiotics. The pharmacy recommended to also take probiotics. Can I also give the Gastro-Bon tablets, and also how will this affect my child?

The antibiotics in the intestines affect the good bacteria as well and could take days to be restored naturally if they can. The Gastro-Bon tablet contains both pre- and probiotics, which help balance the ecosystem of biotics and will have a positive helpful effect on the digestive system. This is recommended for children and adults alike.

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