Partners and Resellers

Currently, our products are only available at locations across Hungary in pharmacies and bio-natural product stores.

Many stores keep our products in stock or allow you to request it and receive it in 1-2 days.

You can select a county or a city below, and click "kereses" to find stores in that region.
Partner resellers are contracted to keep all Pharmaforte products in stock. If you want to be our partner you will get our products at discounted prices.

Our primary partner stores:

  • Gyógynövénybolt Budapest VI. Oktogon tér Tel: 06-1-269-2454
  • Drogéria és Gyógynövénybolt Budapest XI. Karinthy F.út.20. Tel: 06-1-784-0237
  • Gyógynövénybolt Budapest XVIII. Üllői út 444. Tel: 06-1-290-6257
  • Gyógynövénybolt Budapest XX. Kossuth L. u.21-25. Tel: 06-1-283-7645
  • OÁZIS Gyógynövénybolt Budapest XI. Kosztolányi D.tér 11. Tel: 06-1-466-8869
  • Gyógynövénybolt 1123. Budapest, Győri út 1.(Márvány u. sarkán) Tel: 06-70-3949-009

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